Best Performer !

Top 20 Performer

Sr No. Center Name Document
1OM C.T.I (91070701)753
2Quantum Computer Academy (91100401)615
3Nayan Computer Classes(91102702)231
4City Computer Education Center(91096006)205
5Brilliance Computer Academy(91100701)160
6Silapathar Computer Education Center (91182201)155
7A1 Computer Classes(91102912)153
8Sahil Computer Institute (91102903 )153
9ICT Computer Centre (91102808)145
10Soft Tech Computer Training Centre(91102810)122
11Target Computer Academy (91100704)113
12Quantum Computer Academy (91100418)112
13Hitech Computer Education (91102801)99
14Computer Hub (91102908 )97
15Katihar Infotech (91103904 )91
16VCSA Computer Center (91105703)85
17Genius Info Univ (91200201 )85
18Immense Computer Academy(91100417)84
19A-One Computer Institute (91103905 )83
20RIT Academy(91105302)69
21SK Computer Education Center (91096001 )64
22Shikha Bharti Computer Training Institute(91103206)61
23Saurya International Computer Centre (91102104)57
24Malhotra Computer Classes (91103102)54
25Dilip Computer Academy (91100407)54
26Adarsh Computer Training Centre(91096101)54
27Mother Infotech (91100409)53
28IGCIM Computer Centre(91100804)48
29National Computer Institute (NCI)(91091601)48
30Aditya Computer Center(91100901)48
31MIIT (91102913 )46
33Galaxy Computer Institute (91102906 )44
34Knowledge House Computer Academy (91100416)39
35Megatech Computer Classes(91103903)38
36Pro Computer(91199201)35
37RLCIIT (91100703 )33
38Softech Computer Academy (91102907)32
39Fastart Computer Centre(91102108)31
40Maa Kalyani Computer Centre (91100801)31
41Pardeep Computer Classes (91102704 )30
42Arjun Foundation (91102905 )30
43Hardik Computer Center (91100403 )29
44Bahera Computer Academy(91100705)29
45IACT (91100414)28
46Quantum Computer Academy(91100421)28
47Sameer Computer Saksharta Mission(91100422)27
48Maa Computer Education Centre(91100604)27
49Sah Ji India Team(91101002)25
50S.S Computer Ithari(91105001)25
51Institute of Computer Technology(91102813)22
52Phoenix Infoway(91102806 )21
53Drishti Computer Center(91100802)21
54New Voice Computer Centre(91102101 )19
55Manshi Computer Education(91102107)19
56Rishika Computer Center(91103007)18
57Pixel World(91103207)18
58Soft Tech Computer Centre(91102812)17
59PKS Online Admission Centre(91102811)16
60Immense Computer Academy (91202201 )16
61A1 Computer Academy(91103006)15
62Computer Zone(91105303)14
63JK Computer Institute(91182202)14
64Sigma Computer Education (91200502)12
65Talent Computer Academy(91103204)12
66Pixel Infotech (91200501)12
67Raj Computer Classes (91102106 )10
68MB Computer Classes(91103008)10
69Quantum Computer Academy(91100419)10
70Bikash Computer(91101003)10
71Quantum Computer Academy (91102902 )10
72Zoya Institute of Technology(91100507 )9
73Quantum Computer Academy(91100408)9
74Om Computer Academy (91100301 )7
75Improvement Coaching Institute(91100402)7
76Keerti Computer Institute(91094301)7
77Prince Computer Academy(91101001)7
78Hitech Computer Centre(91103203)7
79Aptech Computer Education(91105002)6
80IT Computer Center (91200401 )5
81M.N.C. Training Institute (91103803 )4
83Digital Computer Institute (91102809)2
84Mitro Computer Institute(91103003)2
85RCSM Computer Center(91104601)2
86MS-Office Training Center (91100410 )2
87Mahaveer Computer Education Centre(91101902)2
88Vasudeo Institute(91100101)2
89Shanti Mehndi Academy(91194201)2
90Aimtech Computer Education(91101005)2
91Sagar Infotech(91103004)1













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