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Center Name Center Code User Status Operation.
A-One Computer Institute 91103905ACTIVE
A1 Computer Academy91103006LOGOUT
A1 Computer Classes91102912ACTIVE
Aastha Computer Training Center91103208ACTIVE
Aastha Shree Education Foundation91100508BLOCK
AB Infotech 91096002LOGOUT
ACES Computer Education 91096003 ACTIVE
Adarsh Computer Training Centre91096101ACTIVE
Aditya Computer Center91100901ACTIVE
Aditya Computers 91103302LOGOUT
Advent Institute of Computer 91100502BLOCK
Aimtech Computer Education91101005ACTIVE
Anand Computers91103303BLOCK
APCC Computer Center91103201ACTIVE
Aptech Computer Education91105002LOGOUT
Arjun Foundation 91102905ACTIVE
Bahera Computer Academy91100705ACTIVE
Bhabha Computer Academy 91103301BLOCK
Big Computer Education Center91100605BLOCK
Bikash Computer91101003ACTIVE
BNSS Computer Academy91100411ACTIVE
Brilliance Computer Academy91100701ACTIVE
Buddha Computer Academy91103304ACTIVE
City Computer Education Center91096006ACTIVE
Computer Hub 91102908ACTIVE
Computer Zone91105303LOGOUT
Digital Computer Centre91103001ACTIVE
Digital Computer Institute 91102809ACTIVE
Dilip Computer Academy 91100407ACTIVE
Drishti Computer Center91100802ACTIVE
Evergreen Computer Institute91101006ACTIVE
Fact Computer Education91103002ACTIVE
Fastart Computer Centre91102108ACTIVE
Future Point91104302ACTIVE
Galaxy Computer Institute 91102906ACTIVE
Genius Info Univ 91200201ACTIVE
Global Computer Education91105301ACTIVE
Gurukul Computer Academy91100803ACTIVE
Hardik Computer Center 91100403 ACTIVE
Hi-Tech Computer91102803BLOCK
Hitech Computer Centre91103203ACTIVE
Hitech Computer Education 91102801ACTIVE
ICS Computer Centre 91105702ACTIVE
ICT Computer Centre 91102808ACTIVE
IGCIM Computer Centre91100804ACTIVE
Immense Computer Academy91102701 BLOCK
Immense Computer Academy 91100404BLOCK
Immense Computer Academy 91095701BLOCK
Immense Computer Academy 91100413BLOCK
Immense Computer Academy 91100412LOGOUT
Immense Computer Academy 91202201LOGOUT
Immense Computer Academy91100417ACTIVE
Immense Computer Academy 91102703 BLOCK
Improvement Coaching Institute91100402ACTIVE
Infonet Computer Institute 91102201ACTIVE
Institute of Computer Studies 91103802BLOCK
Institute of Computer Technology91102813ACTIVE
Intra Soft Computer Center 91102102BLOCK
IT Computer Center 91200401ACTIVE
IT Planet91103901BLOCK
JIIT 91102805BLOCK
JK Computer Institute91182202ACTIVE
JN Computer Center 91102904 ACTIVE
JNKD Computer Institute 91102807BLOCK
JPEE Educational Foundation 91103101LOGOUT
Jupiter Computer Academy 91103701BLOCK
Katihar Infotech 91103904ACTIVE
Keerti Computer Institute91094301ACTIVE
Knowledge House Computer Academy 91100416ACTIVE
Life Activate91101901ACTIVE
M.N.C. Training Institute 91103803ACTIVE
Maa Computer Education Centre91100604ACTIVE
Maa Kalyani Computer Centre 91100801ACTIVE
Mahaveer Computer Education Centre91101902ACTIVE
Malhotra Computer Classes 91103102ACTIVE
Manshi Computer Education91102107ACTIVE
MB Computer Classes91103008LOGOUT
Megatech Computer Classes91103903ACTIVE
MGIT91196901 BLOCK
Micro Computer Center91102202LOGOUT
Mitro Computer Institute91103003LOGOUT
MMS Computer Khutauna91103205ACTIVE
Mother Infotech 91100409ACTIVE
Mridev Coaching Center91103401ACTIVE
MS Computer Zone 91100503BLOCK
MS-Office Training Center 91100410ACTIVE
Nandani Kalan Kendra91096005BLOCK
Narayani Computer 91100602BLOCK
National Computer Institute (NCI)91091601ACTIVE
Nayan Computer Classes91102702ACTIVE
New Voice Computer Centre91102101 ACTIVE
OM C.T.I 91070701ACTIVE
Om Computer Academy 91100301ACTIVE
Pardeep Computer Classes 91102704ACTIVE
Phoenix Infoway91102806ACTIVE
Pixel Infotech 91200501LOGOUT
Pixel World91103207ACTIVE
PKS Online Admission Centre91102811ACTIVE
Prem Genius Institute 91102910BLOCK
Prince Computer Academy91101001LOGOUT
Pro Computer91199201ACTIVE
Quantum Computer Academy 91100401ACTIVE
Quantum Computer Academy 91102902LOGOUT
Quantum Computer Academy 91105701 BLOCK
Quantum Computer Academy91100408ACTIVE
Quantum Computer Academy 91100418LOGOUT
Quantum Computer Academy91100419BLOCK
Quantum Computer Academy91100421LOGOUT
R.K. Computer Classes91103801BLOCK
Rahul Computer Institute91102911BLOCK
Raj Computer Classes 91102106ACTIVE
RCSM Computer Center91104601ACTIVE
Rishika Computer Center91103007ACTIVE
Rising Information Technology Academy91105305ACTIVE
Rising Information Technology Academy91105304BLOCK
RIT Academy91105302ACTIVE
S.S Computer Ithari91105001LOGOUT
Sagar Infotech91103004ACTIVE
Sah Ji India Team91101002ACTIVE
Sahil Computer Institute 91102903ACTIVE
Sakshi Computer Class 91103902 LOGOUT
Sameer Computer Saksharta Mission91100422LOGOUT
Saurya International Computer Centre 91102104ACTIVE
SGVS Computer Education 91102105BLOCK
Shanti Mehndi Academy91194201ACTIVE
Sharda Computer Institute 91096102BLOCK
Shikha Bharti Computer Training Institute91103206ACTIVE
Shiksha Computer Academy 91100405ACTIVE
Shiksha Computer Academy 91100406BLOCK
Shiva Computer Center 91104501 BLOCK
Sigma Computer Education 91200502ACTIVE
Silapathar Computer Education Center 91182201ACTIVE
SK Computer Education Center 91096001ACTIVE
Smart Computer91103005ACTIVE
Smart Computer Centre91102103BLOCK
SNR Institute of Education91100420ACTIVE
Soft Tech Computer Centre91102812ACTIVE
Soft Tech Computer Training Centre91102810ACTIVE
Softech Computer Academy 91102907ACTIVE
STS Computer Education91100501BLOCK
Sunrise Computer Academy 91100415BLOCK
Talent Computer Academy91103204ACTIVE
Target Computer Academy 91100702BLOCK
Target Computer Academy 91100704ACTIVE
The School for Banking91103009ACTIVE
Unique Computer Centre91105005LOGOUT
Utech Computer Education91102802BLOCK
Utkarsh Computer Academy91105003ACTIVE
Vasudeo Institute91100101LOGOUT
VCSA Computer Center 91105703ACTIVE
Web Tech Computer Academy91100423LOGOUT
Web World Computer Academy91105004ACTIVE
Zoya Institute of Technology91100507LOGOUT
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