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Center Name Center Code Mobile No. User Status Operation.
A-One Computer Institute 911039059955404327 ACTIVE
A1 Computer Academy911030068766300570 ACTIVE
A1 Computer Classes911029127654299189 ACTIVE
AA +2 Fundamental Classes911030106205737073 ACTIVE
Aastha Computer Training Center911032089798316829 ACTIVE
Abhimanyu Global Computer Institute911029149546754982 LOGOUT
Adarsh Computer Training Centre910961018896362179 ACTIVE
Aditya Computer Center911009019931767925 ACTIVE
Admire Institute of Management & Technology911009029835609080 LOGOUT
Aimtech Computer Education911010059934097110 ACTIVE
Anand Computers91103303 BLOCK
APCC Computer Center911032018757842784 ACTIVE
Apeksha Computer Training Institute911032068409924246 ACTIVE
Aptech Computer Education911050028292012057 ACTIVE
Arjun Foundation 911029058757076238 LOGOUT
Arnav Institute Of Computer Education911043039801927620 ACTIVE
Arnav Institute Of Computer Education911043036287625485 LOGOUT
Aryan Computer Classes911031069771025125 ACTIVE
Bhardwaj Computer Institute911031059334667728 ACTIVE
Bikash Computer911010039835876189 ACTIVE
Brilliance Computer Academy911007018340177211 ACTIVE
Brilliant Computer Academy911007069708242574 ACTIVE
Charudhi Infotech911031039973310260 ACTIVE
City Computer Education Center910960068739013152 ACTIVE
City Hind Technical Training Center910960079120508785 ACTIVE
Computer Hub 911029088292190336 ACTIVE
Computer Zone911053038809564217 ACTIVE
Demo Computer Class123456788809117872 ACTIVE
Destiny Computer Training Centre911010087870703851 ACTIVE
Dhiraj Classes911028159971723800 ACTIVE
Digital Computer Institute 911028099006878280 ACTIVE
Dilip Computer Academy 911004077277720237 ACTIVE
Drishti Computer Center911008028406965862 ACTIVE
E-Max Computer Centre911009047631433719 ACTIVE
Easy Learn Coaching Centre912022029110920080 ACTIVE
Fact Computer Education911030027257882244 ACTIVE
Fast-Tech Computer Institute911005097277100408 ACTIVE
FSP Computer Institute Technology911027056200747978 ACTIVE
Future Point911043027260871070 ACTIVE
Galaxy Computer Institute911029069955338188 ACTIVE
Gaurav Computer Education Centre911031079931249024 LOGOUT
Genius Info Univ 912002019835130104 ACTIVE
Gurukul Technical Computer Class911021117783854500 LOGOUT
Gyan Deep Computer Education911010107870922856 ACTIVE
Hardik Computer Center 911004039507569055 ACTIVE
Hitech Computer Education 911028019572404444 ACTIVE
I-Max India Computer911028178757100833 ACTIVE
IACT911004149470060969 ACTIVE
ICA911010049852187376 ACTIVE
ICS Computer Centre 91105702 ACTIVE
ICT Computer Centre 911028089661317658 ACTIVE
IGCIM Computer Centre911008049939284408 ACTIVE
IICT911043017004727625 ACTIVE
Immense Computer Academy 912022019308737333 ACTIVE
Immense Computer Academy911004177277375291 ACTIVE
Immense Computer Academy 91102703 BLOCK
Immense Computer Academy 91095701 BLOCK
Immense Computer Academy91102701 BLOCK
Immense Computer Institute911004246206222610 ACTIVE
Improvement Coaching Institute911004029523744050 ACTIVE
Infonet Computer Institute 91102201 ACTIVE
Institute of Computer Science911032099113773031 LOGOUT
Institute of Computer Technology911028137781940496 ACTIVE
Iqra Computer Institute911028147294148781 ACTIVE
IT Career Point Computer Classes911007059122436865 ACTIVE
IT Computer Centre912004019570064483 ACTIVE
IT Planet911039019525343972 ACTIVE
J.K.C. Computer Academy911004359504120208 ACTIVE
Jeevan Jyoti Vidyapeeth911019018877537788 ACTIVE
JK Computer Institute911822026000688185 ACTIVE
Katihar Infotech 911039049122950998 LOGOUT
Keerti Computer Institute910943019919360223 LOGOUT
Knowledge Ghar Computer Academy911004297301605125 ACTIVE
Knowledge House Computer Academy 911004167761060084 ACTIVE
Krishna Computer Center911010079931144960 ACTIVE
Lakshya Computer Education911043046287625485 ACTIVE
M.N.C. Training Institute 911038038877579148 ACTIVE
Maa Kalyani Computer Centre 911008019304718558 ACTIVE
Maharishi Patanjali Yog Evm Prakritik Chikitsa Sansthan911004309939775539 ACTIVE
Malhotra Computer Classes 911031028873404375 ACTIVE
Manshi Computer Education911021079504452854 ACTIVE
Maruti Nandan Computer Centre911004257979068155 ACTIVE
MB Computer Classes911030089769441706 ACTIVE
Megatech Computer Classes911039038084891594 ACTIVE
MIIT911029019931397007 ACTIVE
MIIT911029099572014933 ACTIVE
Mitro Computer Institute911030039006715373 ACTIVE
MMS Computer Khutauna911032057667885174 ACTIVE
Modern Education Institute911039099934131884 ACTIVE
Mother Infotech911004099135815723 ACTIVE
MS-Office Training Center 911004107488579208 ACTIVE
Multisoft Institute Of Information Technology(MIIT)911029136299746107 ACTIVE
National Computer Institute (NCI)910916019899555082 ACTIVE
National Education Centre911010099155935538 ACTIVE
Nayan Computer Classes911027029798999081 ACTIVE
NB Institute of Computer910943029919360223 LOGOUT
New Computer Study Point911028168789905936 ACTIVE
New MSCEC911032028294514079 ACTIVE
New Rupak Anjali Beauty Parlour911029179128276070 ACTIVE
New Voice Computer Centre911021016201432389 ACTIVE
Nisha Computer Institute911055018809840126 ACTIVE
Om Computer Academy 911003019031777476 ACTIVE
Orbit Institute of Technology911007079234200771 ACTIVE
P-Tech Computer Academy911007087858984804 ACTIVE
PARAM Computer Education & Training Center911039079955404327 LOGOUT
Pardeep Computer Classes 911027047739667280 ACTIVE
Perfect Computer Institute911004278789657524 ACTIVE
Phoenix Infoway911028068668208626 ACTIVE
Pixel Infotech 912005019334018960 ACTIVE
Pixel World911032077992435525 ACTIVE
Pixel World911034028271442667 ACTIVE
PKS Online Admission Centre911028116203675596 ACTIVE
Prem Genius Institute 911029108084412785 ACTIVE
Prince Computer Academy911010018935922174 LOGOUT
Pro Computer911992019647666783 ACTIVE
Quantum Computer Academy 91105701 BLOCK
Quantum Computer Academy 911004189955715199 ACTIVE
Quantum Computer Academy911004289113496301 LOGOUT
Quantum Computer Academy 911004017258956786 ACTIVE
Quantum Computer Academy911004327258956786 ACTIVE
Quantum Computer Academy911004269801335941 LOGOUT
Quantum Computer Academy 911029028603156431 ACTIVE
Quantum Computer Academy911004088083663744 LOGOUT
Quantum Computer Academy911004219097054071 ACTIVE
Quick Study Computer Education911004339852875822 ACTIVE
R.K. Computer Education911039069934258980 ACTIVE
Raj Computer Classes 911021067004009436 ACTIVE
RCSM911022037488930943 ACTIVE
RCSM Computer Center911046019934572087 ACTIVE
RCTC Computer Training Centre911004349955662828 ACTIVE
Rishika Computer Center911030079534293166 ACTIVE
Rishika Computer Centre911021129430905895 ACTIVE
Rising Information Technology Academy911053049204724131 ACTIVE
Rising Information Technology Academy911053058539940745 LOGOUT
RIT Academy911053029097924944 ACTIVE
S.I. Computer Classes911009037759056856 ACTIVE
S.S Computer Ithari911050017631632483 ACTIVE
Sah Ji India Team Computer Institute911010027561977554 ACTIVE
Sahil Computer911029159709690443 ACTIVE
Sahil Computer Institute911029038969518986 ACTIVE
Sakshi Computer Class 911039028340690367 ACTIVE
Sameer Computer Saksharta Mission911004229955768355 ACTIVE
Saurya International Computer Centre 911021048271953698 ACTIVE
SCPS 911006066200529502 ACTIVE
Shanti Mehndi Academy911942019134220405 ACTIVE
Shanti Technical Institute & Management911029167256878542 ACTIVE
Sharda Computer Institute 91096102 BLOCK
Shiva Computer Center 91104501 BLOCK
Shree Computer Classes910960088896364489 ACTIVE
Shri Balaji Computer Institute911004318292687882 ACTIVE
Sigma Computer Education 912005026201517510 ACTIVE
Silapathar Computer Education Center 911822019706692595 ACTIVE
Singh Infotech911057049308888769 ACTIVE
SK Computer Education Center 910960018858787394 ACTIVE
Smart Computer Education911053068084291954 ACTIVE
Smartway Computer Academy and English Study Center911031049709036800 ACTIVE
SNR Institute of Education911004208757264923 ACTIVE
Soft Tech Computer Centre911028129939493838 ACTIVE
Soft Tech Computer Training Centre911028109939864265 ACTIVE
Softech Computer Academy 911029077070540253 LOGOUT
STS Computer Research Centre911039109113410284 ACTIVE
Suraj Cyber Zone And Computer Education911021108825211074 ACTIVE
Talent Computer Academy911032047070741106 ACTIVE
Target Computer Academy 911007049934434833 ACTIVE
Target Computer Center911057059308888769 ACTIVE
The School for Banking911030097352329733 ACTIVE
Vasudeo Institute911001017292981847 ACTIVE
VCSA Computer Center 911057038292546939 ACTIVE
Veena IT Institute & Study Center911006079050571770 ACTIVE
Viddyaam Computer Education911010119162482595 ACTIVE
Web Tech Computer Academy911004239905125084 ACTIVE
Zoya Institute of Technology911005079771804599 ACTIVE
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